Welcome to my City Garden...

Built by Thierry's maternal grandparents in 1923, we renovated the house in 2000, adding another floor to accommodate the two of us. Located in Forest, at Altitude Cent, we enjoy the advantages of living in the city but in a quiet, friendly neighborhood.

The most amazing feature of our backyard garden are the parrots! Set free from a menagerie years ago, they have acclimatized to the Brussels climate and are alive and thriving.

Figuring prominently in my city garden is my brand new toy, the greenhouse.  I spend hours out here pottering and planting.  Given our coolish climate here in Brussels, the greenhouse is a wonderful way to be "outside" while being protected from the breeze and cooler temperatures.

This is a shot of the greenhouse immediately after its installation in February 2002.  Things are a bit bare.


Summer 2006

My experiment with topiary sculpture of the pyracantha bush in the backyard is beginning to show good results.


Spring 2005

Shades of pink: perennial geraniums in the foreground, Oriental poppies and rose, with miniature carnations in the background..

A rescued ladybug put to the task of eating the aphids on my "Madame Bovary" rosebuds.


Spring 2003

Salmon and magenta colored tulips.

Dutch Irises that would have made my grandmother, Reba Lee, very proud.

Oriental Poppy "Coral Reef", grown from seed last year


Here's how things look in late May/early June.

At last, grass.
Notice how discrete the garden shed is that Alec & Thierry built during the Christmas holidays; it has been stained to match the cedar of the greenhouse.
This serves as the entrance to the greenhouse.


I couldn't resist incorporating some water plants in my small garden, but I didn't want the hassle of a full-blown pond, so I opted for a pool-in-a-pot, featuring spiderworts and a water iris.  (As of today, about to bloom.)

Thierry's grandmother has many ancient rose bushes scattered throughout the flower beds.  This one is in good company with the Dutch Iris against the garden wall.

Summer update -- July 2003

The patio features lots of pots and Charlie's water bowl that he shares with the birds.
The new fig tree, a souvenir from our trip to Provence, is just visible on the right-hand side of the photo.

... view of the backyard as seen from the greenhouse.

Renewed "techno"-version of the Mother's Day deck chair.

Thermometer included.
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