Take your pick...

A. Alec and Madelaine, unawares

B. Alec and Madelaine, aware

Maddie and her new kitty, Mr. Peepers

Alec, ever aware

Madelaine and Richard, hiking in South Africa

Madelaine and hubby, Richard Carlson

Madelaine and Richard, camping in the cold

For the uninitiated, Richard and Madelaine were married in Austin in April 2001.

They live in Austin, Texas.

Madelaine is a retired linguist; Richard, an open source software developper.

They make movies, with Alec: http://brainhotel.org

Alec on the beach

Alec is a mechanical engineer, working for the Space Physics Research Group, University of CA, Berkeley.

He makes frulahs for space thingies.

Nustar stow is one of his frulahs. Check it out at: http://sprg.ssl.berkeley.edu/~plauale/NuStar/

When he doesn't have anything more exciting to do, he goes to Antartica to work. Read about his adventures in the Deeeeeep South: http://sprg.ssl.berkeley.edu/~plauale/Personal/Antarctica.htm

Alec working during his second stint in Antartica

Alec studying the effects of spaghetti as UV protection

Alec and Virginie in the Grand Canyon

Madelaine and Alec

Alec abusing Anton

"It's ok, he's my brother."

The photos they would prefer I not publish

Alec graduates from IIT, Chicago, May 13, 2001

Alec's first hair cut

Madelaine washing vegetables

Madelaine's beginnings at Good Earth Graphics